An WooCommerce / WP E-commerce 'MS excel'-like fast input spreadsheet editor for product data you change most frequently.

It supports both WooCommerce and WP E-commerce. UI behaves same as in MS Excel. It also has import/export feature. This is the right thing for you if your users give you a blank stare when you're trying to explain them how to update prices, stock and other product data using default shop interface.

Average user needs around 39 min to modify price for 100 products using default shop interface (intense work). With this component needed time for same work task is around 6 min. Just imagine amount of time saving in case of editing attributes or other priduct fields available only in full edit screen!

editable fields:

Price, Sales Price, Attributes (Each pivoted as column), SKU, Category, Shipping class, Name, Slug, Stock, Featured, Status, Weight, Height, Width, Length, Tax status, Tax class, Image (image in not exportable/importable) FILTERS: SKU, Name, Category, Shipping class, Status, Attributes

WP E-commerce
editable fields:

Price, Sales Price, Tags, SKU, Category, Name, Slug, Stock, Status, Weight, Height, Width, Length, Taxable, local and international shipping costs, Image (image in not exportable/importable) FILTERS: SKU, Name, Category, Tag, Status

Component is very fast and pleasant for using. If you load 10000 products grid will create HTML elements only for grid rows user see, so it will work fast no matter how many product you filter. It also supports pagination. It will show up when applicable.

Component also enables Excel CSV export import for price, stock and other available fields change if you prefer to do it that way.
If you have CSV generated form external application that is not of default format supportted by this component you can configure CSV custom format settings to allow import any particular CSV.

If your company uses bussness application where you manage all products and need automatic way of publishing chnages to web component offers option of remote CSV importing. Upload script is contained inside component. You can put it same folder where your busness app exports CSVs and hook it to chron job to be executed in some time intervals.

While working with spreadsheet all changes are autosaved.
- Frozen columns
- Column reordering
- Sorting
- Turn off/on default columns
- Custom fileds (Enables you to edit anything like content, excerpt, date , all post fields, any meta key, any term)